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Angus Scotch Fillet

$39.99 per kg

  • At Liverpoolmeats – Our fresh and hormone free grain-fed Australian Black Angus beef scotch fillet is taken from the rib primal just behind the shoulder blade.  Renowned for its tenderness and juiciness, it’s the same cut of beef as the standing rib roast, with bones removed.  This flavoursome cut performs best when roasted in an oven.
  • Incredibly Robust Flavor
  • Tender and juicy
  • Just at $39.99 AUD/KG
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About Angus Scotch Fillet

Sourced solely from the best Beef that AU has to offer, these fillets are not normally availalbe on the domestic market. Don’t ask us how we can offer these…we just can! with superior flavour and a soft texture, these fillets just melt in your mouth.

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