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Lamb BBQ Ribs Marinated

$14.99 per kg

  • Our 100% Grass-fed lamb ribs are sure to please whether they’re prepared as an appetizer or main course.
  • Grilled lamb ribs fall into that category of foods which look elegant but require only basic cooking skills. The meat on ribs is close to the bone which means it’s full of great flavour.
  • We’ve marinated these juicy ribs with wonderful tangy and tantalising flavour alongside distinctive sweet and spicy notes.
  • Just at $14.99 AUD/KG
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About Lamb BBQ Ribs Marinated

Flavourful and meaty, mix of uniformly cut pieces of lamb ribs and chops ready to be cooked quickly for a weekday dinner or grilled on the barbeque for a scrumptious weekend menu. Beautifully marbled with subtle streaks of fat, surrender to this pull-apart tender pieces of delectable meat. Crafted from the rack of the lamb, rest assured every chop that your receive.

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